If the éclairs won’t come to me…


Since the weather has warmed up, hot chocolate has fallen off my radar, and éclairs, since they are impossible to find in Tasmania sans whipped cream, have long been MIA.  So rather than wait out summer, I am heading to cooler climes where I can indulge away and not swelter in the process.  Yes, I am off to France!

Call me crazy, but I am leaving an Australian summer to go and chase a very cold winter and break the éclair drought I find myself in. Fauchon is high on my list of patisseries to visit in Paris (which I somehow missed last time), with research fervently underway for any other hot spots.  I will extend my search to Tours, Strasbourg and Colmar before skipping (or possibly crawling by this point) over to Germany for the final leg of my European winter binge.

So, from mid-January expect much more activity here with hopefully many (actually edible) éclairs and equal amounts of steaming hot chocolate.  If nothing else, the extra weight I gain will keep me warm 🙂


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