Drink hot chocolate and save the planet!


I consider myself a pretty low consumer of hot drinks, compared to many people who head along to cafés one, two or three times a day for their fix.  I often arrive and then remember that I have forgotten my KeepCup, or it is a spur of the moment decision, and carrying a KeepCup around all the time is not overly practical (for me, anyway).  But a recent initiative has started to change all of this…where you can do something positive for the environment (with minimal effort) and save yourself some coin.  Now you want to know more, don’t you?

Responsible Cafes is asking cafés to consider offering a 20 cent reduction (or more) in cost to the buyer (us!) of hot drinks – providing the customer has a reusable cups.  And we all have a few of those kicking around!  Keep one in the car, in the office, at school, wherever you might find yourself in need of coffee or chocolate.  Some cafés have gone as far as not stocking disposable cups, so unless you have heat-proof and webbed hands, carry your cup!

But why is this important?  Are cafés trying to save money on cups?  Is this good for the environment?  Can you really make a difference?  The answer to all of these questions is yes!  Yes, cafés can save money (and passing that saving onto you – some are offering 50 cents and more off each drink!).  Yes, this is great for the environment (3 billion of these little babies end up in landfill, in parks, in waterways and all over our beaches each year!).  Yes, you can really help – think of how many cups you use a week, a month, a year!  And most cannot be recycled.  Sheesh.


So look out for the funky Responsible Cafes poster, or click here for a list of participating cafés in your area, and support these businesses who are supporting you and the planet.  Your coffee, hot chocolate or tea will taste so much better. And if your favourite café is not on the list, ask them if they would like to get involved 🙂


Images sourced from: Instagram/responsiblecafes & responsiblecafes.com.au

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