Bursting at the seams with hot chocolate


My best friend is about to have a baby. Possibly any minute. I am so excited to meet her new daughter, and since I asked my mum to make a quilt for her first daughter, Harper, we are planning quilt number two.  And how does this relate to hot chocolate, or am I now dragging quilting into this blog to broaden followers? Since I can barely sew a button on, quilting is not likely to become a focus. But, I had the fun job of picking out all the fabric for the new baby’s quilt…from a quilt store with a café AND a specialty hot chocolate menu 🙂 So there was nowhere else I was going but to Quarter Inch for my beautiful quilt material.

After what seemed like an age picking out nine different fabrics to ensure the quilt was not ‘baby’ looking (one that can grow with the baby, and not restrict her to a life of having to love giraffes, cute as they are!), we had worked up a thirst.  We stepped into the next room, the café,  with its comfy cushions and cosy vibe, and ordered our hot chocolates – the hazelnut for me and the Lindt Surprise for Jen.  Our drinks soon joined us in tall glasses with straws, and full to the brim with cream (I never said they were low fat!).  They looked amazing. I don’t think I have ever tried a hazelnut hot chocolate before, and it was great. A nice hit of Nutella and a new flavour experience.  I will be happy to stop buy for another drink when I decide on the colour of the quilt’s edging and backing fabric. The baby will likely be born by then, but I am sure the quilt will be worth the wait. If I don’t steal it for my bed 🙂




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