Jacques again…


I knew before I arrived there, that going back to Jacques Genin in Paris would be a bad idea. I visited last time I was in Paris, and contrary to all the posts I see from other people raving about their èclairs, they never have them when I go.

But today I was drifting, not fully committed to anything apart from walking (after two days of sitting on planes). I needed to move and get fresh air (and it was fresh – icy even).

So, back to Monsieur Genin’s fine establishment. In a complete flap about the lack of èclairs, and really not needing food since I had just eaten lunch, I caved to peer pressure (texts saying “have you had a hot chocolate yet?” and “how many èclairs have you eaten?”), and stupidly orded a mille- feuille AND a hot chocolate, knowing full well this combination nearly sent me into a sugar coma last time.

The first mouthful of the mille-feuille brought memories flooding back – of me all happy and my body screaming “are you nuts!” My strategy was to eat the mille-feuille first, then tackle the hot chocolate. I did ask for a smaller hot chocolate, but was advised “il n’est pas possible” (no, in other words). They only come in one size – I like to call it ‘diabetic coma’.

I thought maybe taking deep breaths would help drink it all. Nope. I only drank half a cup of a possible three. The real kicker was, and I have no idea why they thought this was necessary, they sat two chocolates and four sugar cubes with my drink. The last thing I needed was more chocolate or more sugar.

I will try harder tomorrow. I promise.



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