Channeling the Nutpatch in the city


Since it opened about 6 years ago, I have been a fan of Nutpatch Chocolates, a Kettering-based handmade chocolate store. What started as a small chocolate shop in the sleepy Channel seaside town, has recently expanded to include a waterfront store in Hobart. John and his team have also introduced hot chocolate to their cocoa repertoire.

So last week, I went along to the new Hobart store to try the hot chocolate. John greeted us in his usual jovial manner, and upon spotting our KeepCups, knew exactly what we were there for. Never one to shy away from promoting his very successful business, John quickly declared this hot chocolate as the best in Hobart – even before we had taken a sip! But that is John – never wavering in his ability when he knows he is on a winner.

He was right, in that is was delicious, but I couldn’t help but challenge him on the ‘best in Hobart’ comment.  The hot chocolate (Belgian chocolate, cream and milk), was very good.  Rich but without being shocking and very smooth. Nutpatch is a potentially dangerous place to stop when you couple the hot chocolate with any of the handmade chocolates John makes (I recommend the Petite Noir). Sugar coma, anyone?!

But was he right? Is this the best hot chocolate in Hobart? In my opinion, it is very close. But competition is healthy, so I expect it will not be long before this mantle is more closely contested.



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