Instantly good

Jackson hot choc from machine with view
Another update from my roving hot chocolate correspondent…it would appear I have a Jackson Hole series unfolding.

Today’s hot chocolate mission took place on the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in -7 degrees temperatures. Casper Restaurant was the destination and hot chocolate (or cocoa as they call it here) was the drink of choice.

Now, as mentioned in my previous blog, I was not overly excited about trying hot chocolate out of an instant hot chocolate machine! After a couple of runs on the slopes in freezing conditions, I had worked up the appetite (and courage!) to try one of these hot chocolates all in the name of helping my dear sister. Skis on the rack, goggles off I began my ski boot strutt into Casper’s! I was hoping it wouldn’t be too busy, as Hayley also wanted a photo of the hot chocolate machine – I didn’t want to seen as the weirdo in the corner taking a photo of a drink machine. The crowd was small and I snapped a quick picture. As I was filling my cup with instant ‘cocoa’ I noticed a can of cream next to the machine…is this meant to replace froth? I resisted the cream. Others half filled their cup with hot chocolate and cream. Along with my drink, I purchased a raisin cookie just in case the hot chocolate needed some rescuing! I strategically picked a seat near the window for photo opportunities of my cup of the unknown! Photo shoot complete and I took the first sip…not bad, not bad at all. Very hot and a little sweet but dark in colour. My only complaint would be it was a little watery. In other good news, the cookie went very well with my newfound friend. It is possible that I was just so cold and hungry that anything would taste nice, but overall I would score it 6 buffalo wings out of 10!

So come along to the Hole, ski the slopes, be rad and sip hot chocolate!
Jackson hot choc machine


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