Swift survey = sweet surprise

Jackson free hor choc with cream
Part three in the Jackson Hole trilogy is here…a joint effort by Jenna and Jerome (Jerome gets credit for the last sentence…a man of few words!). I am not convinced this post was not just about getting her ‘apparel’ in the shot…

As our bellies rumbled we took the Marmot chair up to the Rendezvous on Mountain restaurant for a quick bite to eat. We wandered into a new café in the building where they served pizza! As we were not so glamorously eating our pizza, a lady wearing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort clothing appeared. She asked us to complete a short survey about the mountain service, and so being the friendly Jackson Hole addicts that we are we participated in the survey. The best part happened at the end when she presented us with drink tickets and stickers to thank us for our time! I decided I could use this ticket for a free hot chocolate. It was from an instant machine with whipped cream on top. To summarise it was free, it was sweeeeet and it was good!!


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