Hot Chocolate in the Hole!

jackson HC

My sister, Jenna, sent me this update from her holiday in Jackson Hole. With all the snow over there, she has perfect hot chocolate conditions…envious. I am not sure about her scoring system, but here is her report.

Life is tough as the sister of a hot chocolate blogger, but I continued the hard mission of finding the worlds best hot chocolate in lovely Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

There have been a few hot chocolate sightings during my trip so far. An instant self serve hot chocolate machine in the mountain restaurant (I am not sure I am game enough to try it), and a Starbucks gourmet hot cocoa sachet in our room, just add boiling water…I consulted my sister regarding the sachet of Starbucks asking her if she would like me to sample it. Her reply was NO.THANK.YOU.

Now lets face it, America is not known for good coffee, and during a rest day from Skiing, I was more than happy to pass up the opportunity of drinking “coffee flavoured water” when we stumbled across the Persephone Bakery Boulangerie and Café. At first I thought they may also have an éclair…unfortunately not, but the selection of baked goods and bread was amazing!

I ordered myself a hot chocolate and a piece of Snickers slice (Americans sure do love their Snickers). Upon my hot chocolate arriving at the table I took the mandatory picture (please excuse the slops – the waitress spilled it). I was a little concerned at first as it looked pale, the froth was not creamy and there was no cocoa on top. Surprisingly, it was actually a very reasonable hot chocolate. Not very strong but a nice cocoa flavour and not too sweet. I think it was made from powder but a good quality powder, it certainly was not made of real chocolate. I understand my tasting notes are not as detailed as those of my sisters, but I am more interested in sampling the burgers, ribs and buffalo wings in this country!

Overall I would score it 5 hot dogs out of 10!
jackson bakery
jackson bakery 2


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