A Feast of hot chocolate and wintery yumminess


Winter in Hobart conjures up images of rain, snow, blustery wind and grey skies. But inject Dark MoFo into this image, particularly Winter Feast, and this picture greatly warms and brightens.

It is that time of year where the rest of Australia it seems, converges on Hobart to take in as much food, beer, wine and art as they can. I typically skip the art and other bits and bobs going on around town, and just visit the ‘Feast’.  And this year my favourite restaurant, A Tiny Place, made its debut.  Aside from amazing food, A Tiny Place is the home of Hobart’s best hot chocolate (my opinion, of course, but I am right!).  On the opening night of the Feast, and with relatively mild weather (for winter anyway, and too warm for my thermal clothing overload), we secured a good spot right next to an open fire, ready to devour our serves of confit duck (from A Tiny Place).  But I was pacing myself, since A Tiny Place also had their fabulous hot chocolate on the menu, but with a very special addition – fried bread 🙂  This just sounded too good to resist.

So when it came time for dessert (which aside from always being a good idea, was also an excuse for a few minutes respite from the cracking fire), I made a beeline for the hot chocolate with fried bread. And it was superb! I know it sounds weird, but letting the crunchy bread sit in the hot chocolate and do its thing for a few minutes, was absolute perfection.  Sort of like churros in chocolate sauce but without the overload of sugar that comes with it.

Aside from the scrumptious food and hot chocolate that A Tiny Place serves, the service is always great, and Phillipe always takes time to say hi – even up to his eyeballs in busy-ness at Feast.

But don’t feel like you have missed your chance…Winter Feast continues next weekend (16, 17, 18 June 2017), so get your frozen bodies along and visit A Tiny Place (in the centre of the shed, right near the middle outdoor entrance – clear of the queues and bum shufflers 🙂 ), and say hi to Phillipe and the crew.