Winter warmer: Hot chilli hot chocolate

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I have to take a short break from my holiday éclair hunt musings, to share this AWESOME news.  One of my long-term favourite places for hot chocolate in Hobart is Parklane, as my loyal readers (hello, you two!) would know.  I was out for a lunch stroll yesterday and decided to pop in for a hot chocolate treat.  Aside from the standard hot chocolate, they have also introduced rum hot chocolate (which I personally found a bit strong and not a great drink for a productive afternoon in the office!).  But yesterday, I noticed, they have a new arrival – chilli hot chocolate! 

In my (vast!) chilli hot chocolate experience, the addition of chilli can be a token gesture.  Normally more ‘meh’ than ‘yeah’.  But thinking back to the amount of rum Parklane added to hot chocolate, I suspected the chilli might really make its presence felt.  This overthinking on my part, certainly panned out. The chilli was unmissable and a great warmer (and sinus clearer!) on a freezing autumn day.  If you are a little chilli-wary, then perhaps this is not the drink for you, but if you don’t mind it hot, this is an amazing winter mood lifter.

Parklane Espresso
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Around the square and into Parklane


Parklane Espresso. Seriously, I must have been the last person in Hobart to find out about this place, which is odd given how many cafes I seek out and tips that people pass on. Anyway, after I was met with a chorus of ‘oh, have you not been there?’, and ‘they must make the best coffee in Hobart’ for a few weeks, I decided it was high time to try it out and suss out the hot chocolate. Given it is an espresso café, I was dubious. But firstly I had to find the place! I knew it was in Salamanca Square but for the life of me, I could not see it. Just as I was about to leave, a sign jumped out indicating where it was. Crisis averted.

A small little pocket tucked away in an arcade near Smolt (to save anyone else getting confused), is the home of Parklane Espresso. The tiny space seems to attract a constant stream of coffee aficionados who are served with speedy precision, allowing even more people to cram in to get their fix. So, from the masses, it would appear the coffee is good, but what about the hot chocolate? Well, let me tell you, Parklane Espresso make damn fine hot chocolate! My first visit was for a takeaway, and let’s face it, those paper cups never photograph well. I resisted buying a Parklane Espresso glass KeepCup (yep, they have their own and they are super stylin!), as I had plans to get my very own KeepCup in colours to match this blog (matchy matchy? Me? Never!). On the arrival of said KeepCup, I toddled back to Parklane to fill ‘er up! So now I had not only an amazing hot chocolate, but one that looked super hot in my new cup 🙂 And a shameless grab of their card makes my pictures look all the better, don’t you think? Happy days indeed. The hot chocolate at Parklane is quite rich with a slightly bitter tang and a sweetness that makes it just right.

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