Adorable doors


This is a slight departure from my normal blog posts, but today I am in a reminiscent mood. Thinking back to all of the other amazing sights of France aside from éclair’s. I know it may be hard to believe, but I have other things that spark my interest, and take my mind off my belly, when I am on holiday.

Namely doors. I spend a lot of time taking photos of doors…and gates. Lamp posts too, but I will stick to doors for now. What interests me in them? I am not 100% sure. Some are ornate, others are decaying, some are new, more than a few are painted, but they each have an allure to them that makes me stop and take their photo. In Paris in particular, doors scattered all over the city conceal secret passages to nooks that would otherwise remain hidden if you did not peek beyond their shield. Some open, others do not, and you never know where a gentle push will lead you.