When two (éclairs) become one


Following my first éclair, but I am quite sure completely unrelated, I got a tad sick for two days. So that slowed me up a bit.  But by Saturday afternoon, I was feeling better and ready for some fresh air and a walk.  And it happily coincided with time for le goûter (sort of like afternoon tea). This has become a favourite time of day and a French word I quickly caught on to.

So while walking around the old city of Le Mans (which is beautiful), we stopped off to refuel at Galand in the centre of the city. I have it on good authority that this is THE place for éclair in Le Mans, and this was not my first visit. The cabinet inside Galand offered an array very suitable le goûter treats, but I am hopeless and could not pass up an éclair.  So we ordered one each.  Deaux éclairs.

When our éclairs arrived, one seemed to be suffering some sort of defect, to the point where it was not actually an éclair. Fair enough, it was still choux with crème pâtissière inside, but it was still not an éclair.  With no explanation from the waitress, and knowing it would still be good, it was consumed.

My éclair (yes, mine was an éclair!), was just as good as I remembered. Outside of Paris you rarely see the ‘fancy’ éclairs, so I always stick to traditional chocolate.  As our drinks arrived, we asked the waitress about the deformed éclair we had received in case it was someone else’s order.  Nope.  It was ours, they just ran out of éclairs so this was the substitution.  All good. OK.


This is an éclair…



…and this is not




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