Nomming on nama at Honey Badger



I love Honey Badger and all its sweetness.  I am especially a fan of their Mörk hot chocolate – mainly because I have a stash of it at home. But like tea, hot chocolate is always nicer when some else makes it*. 

Recently, I went to Honey Badger for lunch (the shakshuka is yummo), but was mainly there to try their nama hot chocolate.  I had no idea what nama chocolate was, but it is pretty much ganache chocolate with double the amount of cream. So it’s healthy because cream comes from cows so it’s natural…and natural fats are good…and I am sure the cows were grass feed, happy girls…so the key message here is it’s healthy…OK?  That is sorted.  And ‘nama’ is pretty much the sound you make when you eat it….nammmmmaaaa.

I am also a fan of DIY hot chocolate, which is what the Honey Badger nama hot chocolate is.  Stab it, dunk it and swirl away. You can add as much chocolate as you like, which means all of it, obviously.  Personally I could have had another four pieces to really give it a boost.  It probably does not pass Mörk as my favourite at Honey Badger, but it’s good all the same.


*Other people can make good hot chocolate providing they have good quality chocolate and know what they are doing…otherwise it can be disastrous.
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