Paris found in A Tiny Place


After a long hiatus, my blog is back – right at the end of winter! I have kept up the search, but there has been a real lack of newcomers on the hot chocolate scene locally.  And a few old favourites have changed management, and the hot chocolates have suffered.

But I have some very exciting news – I have found Hobart’s best hot chocolate…possibly Australia’s. There is daylight between this hot chocolate and the others. In one sip I was immediately transported back to the cafés of Paris. So where is this heaven-on-earth establishment?  It’s called A Tiny Place, located in Battery Point, just off Hampden Road on Francis Street (it’s all cute and blue).

This is serious hot chocolate. A bowl (yes, a bowl) of it is a sufficient morning tea. It is thick, rich, and best consumed with a spoon (!).  And did I say it’s the best I have had in Australia?!

But aside from hot chocolate, A Tiny Place offers amazing French and Asian inspired food in beautiful surroundings (so stay for lunch or dinner…or breakfast, lunch and dinner!). The walls are adorned with beautiful chalk artwork, tables are set with satin napkins, and the staff are clearly proud to be part of Hobart’s classiest café.

Please go there 🙂 You won’t regret it.

A Tiny Place

20 Francis Street, Battery Point

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*photo lighting credit: Tegan


2 comments on “Paris found in A Tiny Place

  1. Gary Leonard says:

    It’s great to see you back. I love your comments, although my non sugar diet disallows the consumption of chocolate.


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