Select, stir and savour – Chocolaterie Beluga


Today it was time to sample some final hot chocolate before my trip comes to an end. I managed to fit in two 🙂 A few days ago, I caught up with the lovely Halaina, in Freiburg, and she gave me some tips on places to visit in Munich. This included Chocolaterie Beluga which is near the Viktualienmarkt. After wandering in the wrong direction for 30 minutes with no sign of the store, I decided to consult my map. After having it confirmed my directions were up the creek, I set off in the right direction. Nothing like not knowing where you are in a new city. I found some other spots Halaina had recommended while I was ‘lost’.

I found the Viktualienmarkt and had a good look around. If I lived in Munich, I would shop here for food everyday – assuming I lived in the area (not likely), that I had a lot of time on my hands (also unlikely) or that I could be bothered cooking from scratch everyday (that would depend on the day I was having – I said the same about Salamanca when I moved to Hobart and haven’t done that once). The vital piece of information Halaina gave me was ‘I’m sure it’s under the Louis Hotel’. That was key to finding it. I was there 5 minutes before opening time, so I waited with three other people  (a good sign). I was not missing out on one of the two tables. And I didn’t.

So I plopped myself down and asked for a hot chocolate (now, if I could read German, I would have known this is not how it works). No. You select your hot chocolate ‘block’ from the shelf (about 30 options) and then they bring the hot milk. Then the process is pop the block in, stir, and drink. Heavenly. Loved it. I chose orange and chilli flavour…and have hazelnut, sea salt caramel, honey, ginger and more orange snd chilli in my hand luggage 🙂

So thank you, Halaina, for the tip. It was well worth the stop and getting ‘lost’ in the process.





One comment on “Select, stir and savour – Chocolaterie Beluga

  1. Halaina says:

    You’re more than welcome! So glad you enjoyed your final European hot chocolate destination! 🙂


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