Cure for fatigue? Èclairs


To begin with, you would think I would have learnt my lesson about putting èclairs in precarious positions to take photos. But no. I haven’t. However, this time I got lucky and the èclair did not fall off the window sill and down four levels. I have learnt in the past week that it is acceptable to sit food on window sills – but that is another story.

So I have made it to Strasbourg. And have nearly walked my feet off exploring (but also trying not to get lost) this beautiful city. The streets seem to never end, with each one full of new surprises and amazing buildings. And in some of these buildings are patisseries, and of course, èclairs.

All day I had resisted the urge to buy an èclair (thought I should have lunch first -sensible), but after walking for what seemed  like an eternity, it was time. I spotted a patisserie yesterday that looked good, but do you think I could find it today? Of course not. So I ended back near the cathedral and saw another patisserie – being completely exhausted and tired of trying to find yesterday’s elusive patisserie, I went in. I will blame my slightly jumbled french on fatigue, but even still, I don’t think I deserved the look the woman in the shop gave me. I have ordering èclairs down pat, I was just having a moment. No customer service award heading her way anytime soon.

I toddled back to my hotel (which was out of hot water today – awesome surprise that woke me up for the day!), completed the hazardous photo shoot and ate my èclair. It was just what I needed. Super yummy and rich. I could feel my batteries recharging with every bite. Tomorrow I will try to find the other patisseries I saw today 🙂 Back on the hunt. Hot chocolate tomorrow too 🙂




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