Speaking the language of l’èclair



The next leg of my holiday, brought me to Tours, and to my host family for my language homestay. Total immersion for a week. And by total, I mean total. For some reason I was under the impression Martine, my host, spoke some english. I was wrong. English = zippo. This has not presented too many problems but would have been handy when I fell down the stairs or when the power went off. The fall required me to use every reassuring word that I know 😦

When I arrived at my homestay, I spent two hours with Martine’s son, Laurent, and his girlfriend, Solange (not Beyonce’s sister). We managed to speak the whole time in French, which I was impressed with. I mentioned my blog to them, so Solange sent Laurent out to buy èclairs! I find when I tell people I like èclairs, they seem to appear. I love this country! These were the type of èclairs I love – simple but amazing. I had both chocolate and café èclairs  (we had quite a few – I was not being greedy). These were so good I picked up three more a few days later to share with Martine and Gèrard. We are bonding over cakes, tea and èclairs. Who says you need a common language? 🙂



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