Fauchon’s flying èclair – a cautionary tale


Contrary to what many people seem to think, I am not in France gorging on èclairs hourly (mainly because I cannot get to them every hour). My first èclair in Paris on Saturday was a disaster…a lesson for me to perhaps savour èclairs and spend less time photographing them.

I decided since it was such a lovely day on Saturday, I would walk from le Marais to Madelaine to visit Fauchon – a patisserie I missed on my last visit. The walk took over an hour (I took the scenic route to see parts of Paris I had not been to before), and then I missed my turn. Eventually I found Fauchon, and really was amazed I missed it the first time. It was decked out in shiny pink ribbons and baubles – very hard to miss. I ordered l’eclair chocolat to take with me, since I thought it would be nice to sit in Jardin des Tuileries and enjoy it.

I walked with my èclair to Tuileries and found a spot near the water that looked perfect. I sat the èclair on my knees in it’s box and started taking pictures (standard procedure). Now, if I had of stopped after the third photo (and they were all the same), I would have been fine. But no, I went in for a fourth photo right when the gentlest breeze passed by. Horror scenario then unfolded. Èclair ended up on the ground, chocolate side down in the gravel. Mon dieu! Luckily, one end had remained on the cardboard so I quickly took a bite of that. To be honest, for all the hype about Fauchon èclairs, it was not amazing. Too much of everything going on. Sugary, sticky and rich. The gravel at least added texture!

To make this outing worse, the offending breeze also blew my hair into the ganache as I was taking my one and only bite, which made it a sticky mess. Maybe ‘ganache in hair’ will be big in Paris this year? I wore it first 🙂





2 comments on “Fauchon’s flying èclair – a cautionary tale

  1. Linda says:

    Sounds like that gust did you a favour. Is that 7 Euro I read for an substandard éclair?


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