Catching up at Coal River Farm

It is always great to catch up with my bestie, Britt, when she is in town – we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like. But it feels like no time has passed at all when we do see each other and I am sure we could talk all day! I suppose this comes from being best friends since we were three or four 🙂

2015-10-23 16.25.03
Britt and I, back in the day 🙂

So what better way to spend a few hours catching up than over a hot chocolate? Rather than take Britt to one of my tried and tested hot chocolate haunts, I did some research (a Google) and found a new farm café that has recently opened near Richmond – the beautiful Coal River Farm. It had quite good reviews for just about everything, including the hot chocolate, and was an easy (even though I had not idea how to get ‘out’ of the eastern shore – thanks Britt for your expert navigation!) 15 minute drive to the stunning Coal Valley. It was just great to get out of the city, get some fresh air, take in some scenery and have a good chat.

Coal River Farm

Credit must be given to Coal River Farm for making their own hot chocolate blends (dark, cinnamon and chilli) – it is easy to go to a café and have hot chocolate that has been bought, but rare to find a place that make their own. And you can buy it there to take home 🙂 I ordered a chilli hot chocolate to have with my baked eggs, and it was great! A really good chilli hit and a nice rich chocolate flavour. This really could be a meal on its own, since the glass is like a small beer jug (loved it!). I am not sure what Britt’s Earl Grey tea was like…it’s just as well we have been friends a long time is all I can say. Having tea when there is hot chocolate makes no sense to me (but a wise choice perhaps given her scones were enormous – think a small loaf of bread size).

Aside from amazing hot chocolate (including white on the menu – must try that next time), Coal River Farm has a beautiful selection of handmade chocolates and a great breakfast and lunch menu, packed with tasty options.

Coal River Farm Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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