Augustus: the triple threat

There seems to be a steady increase in cafés popping up all over Hobart, which I love. One of the newer establishments is the very cute Augustus in Collins Street. It is a mix of gift shop (think teapots, quirky mugs), chocolatier (can never have enough of those) and a café serving cake and drinks. So pretty much all my hobbies on one shop: things to buy, treat to eat and nice drinks. Tick, tick, tick!

I had thought about getting a takeaway hot chocolate (the spiffy KeepCup was tucked away in my handbag), but since I was laden with two slightly awkward shopping bags and the café was nice and quiet, I decided to stay in. I ordered the dark hot chocolate but resisted the cakes. One of the things I still struggle with because I don’t want to look like ‘one of those people’ is taking pictures of hot chocolate while I am in store. It never feels right and makes me feel weird. I see so many people doing it at restaurants with every course and from multiple angles, then they sit there and tap away at their phones for the rest of the night. Normally there is an actual person with them. I don’t understand this behaviour. I try so hard not to look like them. I would feel worse explaining my blog. It would end up like ‘oh, thanks for that. I am now I am going to take a few pictures of my drink then critique it and put it on my blog’. I prefer to be covert. When I have people with me, it feels better because sometime they help me set the photo up and it makes it less weird. But when I am by myself it must look odd and people might think ‘oh that poor girl is on her own taking pictures of her drink – why would you do that?’ So that’s all a very interesting (but not) insight into the stresses of my life!

So back to the hot chocolate at Augustus. I expected it to be really dark. It was pretty light to be honest and made me glad I did not order the milk version. To start with, I was disappointed, but then it seemed to work. I wouldn’t necessarily go back there just for the hot chocolate (I would for the chocolate and cute cups), but I did love the presentation. A glass plates with ‘Augustus’ etched on it, and little cut out spot for the cup. Loved the attention to detail and very friendly staff.


2 comments on “Augustus: the triple threat

  1. Tracey smith says:

    Don’t bother with the chocolates either they look much nicer than they taste and expensive. He had Violet Cumble pack $9.95 for 10 and said the cheapie shop packs taste better. I had chocolate orange straws $6.95 for 5, I couldn’t taste a hint of orange under a chocolate that tastes like home brand cooking chocolate. DEFINATELY not going back or recommending sorry!


  2. George Norrish says:

    Fantastic place for cake and coffee. They make a wonderful HOT chocolate. Some great cakes which are so different to anything else in Hobart. Nice atmosphere and wonderful staff and service. A pleasure to visit anytime.


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