It’s a ginger thing…

Patagonia ginger Wanaka

Continuing on with my quest to find ‘different’ hot chocolates during my trip to New Zealand, I visited Patagonia in Wanaka (after my failed attempt in Queenstown) to try their ginger hot chocolate. Feeling a little peckish after a walk along the lake edge and working up (what I thought was) an appetite, I ordered the ginger hot chocolate and a serve of churros. The problem was the churros. Or maybe it was the fact I had a sweet, chocolate drink and sweet (huge) churros. Or the dark chocolate sauce I ordered with the churros. Sugar and chocolate overload 🙂

Ginger is often associated with not only it’s fantastic flavour but it’s medicinal properties (in this case adding even more health benefits to hot chocolate as my study continues). Ailments ginger can assist with include colds, headaches (so a powerhouse when combined with the headache killer that is hot chocolate), and aids digestion – so maybe I was smart to have this with my large serving of churros? I was very curious to find out what ginger would be like with chocolate – and I am now a massive a fan. There were finely grated pieces of ginger mixed through the hot chocolate giving a subtle hint of ginger flavour with the occasional piece of ginger in the mix. I am definitely going to try making this one at home. If it works out, I will post the recipe. I may not make churros to accompany it though – not sure I could survive that experience twice!

Patagonia Chocolates Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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