New Zealand éclairs to rival the French

2015-09-06 09.48.34

It’s been a long time between éclairs, but this week I found some. In the lead up to our holiday to New Zealand, I did some research on patisseries in the area were were staying. I wasn’t hopeful of finding many, if any, but a weekly farmer’s market put me onto a lead. Pembroke Patisserie attend the weekly market in Wanaka, so on Thursday as soon as we got back into town from skiing, we stopped at the market.

While I was not expecting éclairs, there were about six gleaming in the sunshine. We bought two, which we quickly devoured. These were the best éclairs I have had since France. The creme patissiere was amazing and thick, and I picked up a new tactic for filling éclairs – these were filled from the end not from underneath or ‘a la Tasmanian’ which involves cutting them open like a salad roll.

And it was lucky when we arrived early – they were all gone 10 minutes later. It was meant to be.



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