Ale house hot…

2015-09-03 18.27.23

Special guest blog by my friend Samantha…

After a strenuous beginners ski lesson and first time stress on the slopes we headed back into wanaka town centre to the local foodie markets – which as a treat for the gourmet ones of us turned out to be French themed.

After drooling over the Pembroke Patisserie stall and one fresh fat chocolate donut later we headed to Speights Ale House to sit in the sunshine and have a cider – well in my case hot chocolate. Would be a crime to eat a donut without a hot chocolate to sip on, so my good friend Hayley ordered mine extra hot (the aim is to sip slowly not burn ones tongue!). It wasn’t a bad little drink, nice cup (that can change the whole taste of the drink if its not right- no I am not fussy!), good flavour not too sweet (although I suspect it was the powdery variety), my only real qualm was the temperature – hot chocolate people – not warm chocolate. To be fair it was hot in the sunshine so had it been warmer I may have started to perspire. The atmosphere was top notch- blue sky spring day with a snowy mountain background and a group of friends- probably made the drink taste even nicer 🙂

Speight's Ale House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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