The Vue from the airport

2015-08-31 18.19.15

After watching Shannon Bennett on Masterchef and knowing that he owns Cafe Vue (an off shoot of his sucessful Vue de Monde restaurant), we stopped by Cafe Vue at Melbourne Airport. Airport food is pretty dodgy at the best of times, so while not expecting Vue de Monde food, anyhting had to be better than the fried cardboard Hungry Jacks sell.

Cafe Vue had eclairs but they looked a bit odd with no icing on top. Unless the scratchy looking top was some sort of ‘crumb’. Actually that would explain it. ‘Crumb’ is the thing right now. And soils. But since I was looking for breakfast, not dessert (my eating patterns are back to normal order), I resisted.

What I could not resist was the hot chocolate. The perfect accompaniment to my eggs and avocado.  So the hot chocolate was good but maybe a little sweet, but after being awake since 2.45am it woke me up and cured my headache (since this is the second time this has happened lately, I might start collecting data on the impact of hot chocolate on my health…there is a scientist in me somewhere!). Now to suss out the New Zealand hot chocolate scene…

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