A teasingly good brew


This post is a slight departure from my normal café reviews of hot chocolate. But it is about hot chocolate nonetheless. Earlier this week it was time for my 6-weekly visit to Tease Hair and Spa to see the lovely Ben (Ben: that’s another $5 on my next hair cut). I had stopped by Next Door on my way, but it was closed. I was a bit disappointed (I caught up with them the next day), so Ben offered to make me a hot chocolate. It was billed initially as the ‘best hot chocolate you will ever have’, and was slowly downgraded to ‘probably not the best, but quite good’. This was a rare crisis of confidence for Ben.

After snipping away my hair for a while, and us both forgetting the promised hot chocolate, Ben remembered, downed tools and went to make my drink. I am not sure what I was expecting really, but when he bought it out, it looked quite professional and good. I said as much to which Ben, who seemingly regaining his confidence, rattled off all the places he has worked where making good drinks was a requirement. OK. So he cuts hair very well, breeds great lamb (I have a freezer full), is knowledgeable about food, and it turns out, can make good hot chocolate. Some people.

I am not quite sure that you can walk in off the street for one of these hot chocolates, but hey, it can’t hurt to ask. Tell Ben I sent you – it will likely cost you more.

Tease Hair & Spa


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