Lo lo lo lo Lola


(Go on, play the song…you know you want to! Lo lo lo lo Lola)

I possibly have a new favourite café in Hobart – Café Lola. I first noticed Lola a few weeks ago, tucked back from the Hobart waterfront, and for whatever reason it looked like a place that would have good hot chocolate (I do live in a permanent state of hope).

So earlier this week I met a friend for lunch at Lola. Given it is only quite new, I expected it to be quite busy, so I arrived for lunch at midday and 45 minutes later it was full. It is easy to see why this has become a popular spot. The clean and whole food menu options are limited, but offer some tasty lunch selections which are all reasonably guilt free 🙂

So if the food looked guilt free (which is never really a major consideration for me anyway), then surely the hot chocolate must be following the same healthy path? I will guess that the hot chocolate is made from cacao powder given it was reminiscent of Pollen’s hot chocolate mix, but a little sweeter. It was instantly a new favourite of mine, possibly just sneaking in behind Pollen (time to update the leader board!).

I will be heading back for both the hot chocolate and the food – see you at Lola!

Café Lola


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