The badgering continues

Honey Badger dark v2 After my first visit to Honey Badger and the discovery that there was more than one hot chocolate on offer, last Friday I went back. It was a very late afternoon tea plan that turned into dessert before dinner (what an awesome idea!), mainly because Honey Badger do not open until 5pm and because sometimes you have to turn things upside down and shake them a bit.

So dessert before dinner it was.

Tegan, Ben, Nicole and I converged on Honey Badger and we were not the only people with reverse dinner plans. After scoping out desserts from other tables, we ordered. An interesting thing happened between the time we left work and the time we arrived at Honey Badger. Tegan (the ringleader), who had requested we leave work earlier than planned to get some sugary treats, ordered what looked like breakfast and far too healthy. Coupled with a cup of tea, she had the mostly healthy ‘dessert’ of us all. Ben, Nicole and I stuck to the plan and ordered treats with varying degrees of sickliness. I also ordered the dark (Mork) hot chocolate (it turns out the milk hot chocolate is Cadbury chocolate).

The dark hot chocolate was great. The foamy top was a thick mousse-like texture and taste and the drink itself was yummy and rich. I would definitely recommend it over the milk. Combined with the Queen B hotcakes, it was a winner.

The dinner side of the evening saw us lose a team member (due to the onset of a chocolate coma), but the three of us marched on to consume two pizzas (the girls) and a rather large hot dog (which belonged to Ben who seems to be a bottomless pit!).

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