Clever Cristel of Cafe de Paris


A few weeks ago, my friend Samantha’s sister, Cristel, set up a mini patisserie at the Glebe Market in Sydney, Cafe de Paris. I am very envious of Cristel. She is a smart cookie (or macaron perhaps…!), and makes amazing éclairs. And the macarons look good too.

There is only one thing wrong with Cristel, and that is she now lives in Sydney but really should move back to Hobart and open a patisserie. Goodness knows it is needed and there is definitely a gap in the market!

To prove how clever she is, I have posted some pictures of Cristel and her lovely French treats, which were taken at the Glebe market.




2 comments on “Clever Cristel of Cafe de Paris

  1. ginandterror says:

    These look incredible!


  2. hayleyboyd says:

    They do! I wish my éclairs were as pretty 😦


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