Chocolate & More…the ‘more’ is code for hot chocolate

Chocolate and More

A half consumed hot chocolate is not the normal sort of picture I share on this blog, but it was the best I could do given a) the hot chocolate was a take away, b) I had a long way to walk with it and c) it was a cold day. But I think the picture actually helps me illustrate a particular feature of this hot chocolate – its goopy thickness.

This hot chocolate was sourced from a place which should have seemed obvious to me, but at the same time was quite a surprise. I bought it at Chocolate & More in the Bank Arcade (near Habitat/Wellington Walk/behind the mall/near the great Thai veggie place – that should paint a picture for general directions!). I had been ‘referred’ to this shop by Indi, and while a chocolate shop should seem a likely source of all things chocolate, how many times have you ever seen hot chocolate (ready to go, not flakes) in a chocolate store? Never, I bet (in Hobart anyway).

I spotted the hot chocolate machine/swirly/mixing device thingymybob on the counter. This was the right place! I ordered a $6 cup (pricey but it looked good) and had a good chat to the lovely lady about the hot chocolate. It is made from Italian chocolate (slightly weird I thought – were Switzerland or Belgium out?) and she adds corn starch to thicken it. So pretty much what this results in, is a very thick, gooey hot chocolate that feels and tastes like hot custard (but better than Yogo). It was another case of ‘do I drink this or chew it’, which has become a key indicator of a good hot chocolate. Or maybe I have chewing and drinking issues. Even so, good hot chocolate has this effect on me, where I cannot understand my own body and what it wants to do. The picture shows the thickness of this hot chocolate…and being thick it holds heat very well (I have a burnt tongue to prove this).


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