Hello, Honey Badger

Honey Badger

Hobart has a great new dessert café tucked in Salamanca Square, Honey Badger, and it’s exciting! After dinner on Friday night, rather than sticking around the restaurant we were at for dessert, clever Kathleen had made a booking at Honey Badger for dessert. Such a great idea – have dinner then walk to dessert (if only our restaurant had not been just around the corner this would have been just the exercise we needed to ‘make room’!). Although we were about 45 minutes early for our booking, we were able to get our table early and warm up inside (must have been a balmy 3 or 4 degrees outside, so it was not like we were freezing or anything).

The dessert list sounded pretty decadent, so realising our limits (there is a first for everything!), my sister and I shared a tea infused pannacotta (which was hardly sweet at all, so a good choice when we really did not need dessert, let alone one with deadly amounts of sugar). The rest of the table had desserts (which were honestly all works of art) that looked so sweet my teeth ached. And hot chocolate. They have hot chocolate! And it is Mork. I love Mork. And it looked so pretty too. It was very good, but I suspect some sugar has been added, and I loved the presentation in the Bodum double wall glasses. Classy. Then I noticed someone else at our table had a different looking hot chocolate to mine (I may have got slightly huffy at this point and accused my sister of ordering the wrong one – she didn’t know she had options). They have different types available and the one I spotted was dark.

So next week I can be found at Honey Badger…where I will be finding out how many different types they have and trying them all (not all at once of course!).

I could not help but share a link to the ‘other’ Honey Badger – this makes me laugh every time!

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