Time to hit the road – and the Red Bridge

2015-05-16 11.53.21

Hello blog 🙂 I am back after my hiatus – and thank you to the two or three people who asked when I was posting again! The last few months have been quite busy, but I also had the small issue of partially losing my sense of taste which was really not ideal when critiquing hot chocolate or éclairs! I am pleased to say this is on the mend, and I get second opinions just to be sure when I taste food (integrity is important). With winter almost here, I am all set to go for hot chocolate season. 

I think I will mark last Saturday as the open day for the season. It was a day to get out of the house and hit the road. We (my sister and I) had places to be, namely Launceston, to collect my new car 🙂 Reeling from a crack of dawn wake up on a Saturday we decided to stop off at Ross – the home of all things ye olde and quaint. I am a little bit besotted with Ross. The bakery (the one of huge fame within anime circles) is the home to the world’s (allegedly) best vanilla slices. This is not an area of expertise for me, but it was very good. Maybe the anime character Kiki said they were the best. Or the 50 plus Japanese anime fans that visit each day. It’s all a bit bizzario for me. But whatever floats your boat.

After strengthening my ties with France (which are tenuous at best – I have visited twice, am learning French, live with a bunny called Soufflé, and am fanatical about éclairs), through the purchase of a spunky little (tiny little) Renault, we hit the road (me quite quickly due to a new sensitive accelerator), and retraced our steps back to Hobart. Arriving in Campbell Town in nearly record time and with some concern about any hidden speed cameras I might have passed, I was in need of a calming hot chocolate. We stopped at the Red Bridge Cafe and Providore (not on the anime map), where I regaled my sister (who was driving the safety car in this race) with stories of my speedy new wheels. The cafe stocks some really great gourmet items, but disappointingly has a pretty standard ‘sandwiches/toastie/quiche’ menu. However, the hot chocolate was quite good and I suspect possibly one of the higher quality types to be found along that stretch of road. It kept me awake while I navigated the rest of the trip home, and calmed my nerves as my sister took over driving the French beast!

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