Small (French) Fry

Small Fry

I had been seeing a few Facebook posts recently about Small Fry in Hobart, which seemed to be mostly about donuts. Last weekend, Jen had a post-holiday catch-up planned with Amy at Small Fry, so I crashed it to check this place out. I had no idea what to expect from the food (other than the donuts, which looked lovely), but funnily it turned about to be French inspired which teamed nicely with our dinner plans that evening – at a French restaurant!

For lunch, I chose the moules et frites which were amazing, even on a hot day in Hobart (the extra steam from the pot added to heat coming in from outside). They had the cutest menu idea there – wooden blocks with the menu options printed onto these. Very practical and clever! Once I finished my lunch and got over the menu, I was curious about what their hot chocolate was like, I ordered one, bracing myself for a further burst of heat that was really not needed and I was hardly hungry after my lunch. Not being the biggest fan of marshmallow, but happy to try the homemade non-Allens/Pascals version, I was converted instantly. This marshmallow was not sickly sweet, and had a cinnamon taste to it (which the chef told me was actually golden syrup but everyone thinks it is cinnamon). And the hot chocolate? It was great. It had a great flavour for a very watery hot chocolate (which is not a criticism – this one pulled it off) and was really quite nice even though the day was warm. I will definitely go back for more…

Oh and the donuts. We ordered one to take with us, and I am not the best judge on how good this was since I really do not like donuts…fail.

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2 comments on “Small (French) Fry

  1. ginandterror says:

    Oh did JPatty like her donut? PS how cute is the saucer??


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