Straight Up and out the door

Straight up 3

After declaring summer was not the best time to eat éclairs in my last post, today I realised they are not seasonal. On a lovely warm day in Tasmania, I noticed that Straight Up Coffee + Food had posted freshly baked éclairs on their Facebook page. Well, not actually baked them on Facebook (give them time to come up with that app!), but pictures of some in the shop were posted…oh, you get what I mean!

After firstly deciding that I was not travelling into the city to get éclairs, I remembered how rare good éclairs are to come by in this pastry challenged state, so I called the shop and had two éclairs put aside for me. I have been through ‘the last one just sold’ devastation before so was not taking any chances.

Just before we stopped at Straight Up Coffee + Food, my sister and I called in to Vita (Elizabeth Street), for some frozen yoghurt. After we had varying success with the self-serve ice cream setup (neither of us will be working for Mr Whippy anytime soon) and selected our sprinklings, which mainly consisted of odd nut selections and muesli (I found crushed brownies and toasted coconut thank goodness!), we and our sore teeth moved onto Straight Up.

The éclairs were raspberry and passionfruit – a surprising and colourful change to the normal (whipped cream laden) éclairs that are to be found in Hobart. With the frozen yoghurt probably still melting in my belly, the éclairs were taken home for later in the day…which was about 1.5 hours ‘later’! I really liked the white chocolate with the dehydrated raspberry and also the combination of the passionfruit. The only part that confused me a little was the rich chocolate crème pâtissière which seemed a little out of place (but not bad) with the rest of the flavours. Just so happy to see someone trying a different take on éclairs 

Straight up 4

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