Crème de la crème of ice cream from Mrs Whippy

Creme Brulee toffee
Summertime. That time of year when we look forward to flashing our legs, kicking on our thongs (flip flops just in case anyone gets the wrong idea – hello to my American readers!) and sitting outside around the barbeque – or just amongst the flies. Dining becomes al fresco and the sunlight seems endless (yes, even in Tasmania). This however, is not ideal hot chocolate or éclair consuming weather – they are more suited to the cooler months, which we get plenty of.

This dilemma aside, it is the season for ice cream and I just so happen to live with my very own Mrs Whippy! Granted, her whippyness only reappeared last weekend after a long hibernation and without Greensleeves music to herald her return, but she has not lost her touch with the ice-cream machine – or her fondness for what I would call ‘encouraging words’ in the kitchen to all appliances, crockery and ingredients! The kitchen can apparently be a stressful place…

So over the weekend, during my seasonal departure from hot chocolate and éclair sampling, I was able to satisfy my sugar-craving with homemade crème brûlée ice cream, made by my lovely sister (aka Mrs Whippy). And without any partiality, this was magnificent ice cream, tasting exactly like crème brûlée except a frozen version and with more toffee to get stuck in your teeth for hours. Unfortunately, we ate the whole bowl so I am hoping this is only the start of a summer filled with frozen delights 🙂 

Sit back and listen to the soundtrack of childhood summers with Greensleeves – the song guaranteed to have kids running onto the road in 5 seconds flat (regardless of fence height, yelling parents or oncoming traffic).

Creme Brulee icecream


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