Visit Providore but not for the hot chocolate


I had been looking forward to visiting Providore for a few weeks to try out their hot chocolate.  I did stop by a few weeks ago but it was closed.  I was bit disappointed but I thought about the saying of good things coming to people who wait…so I waited.

But on Saturday I could wait no more.  Sam was in town visiting and after a lovely lunch with Sam and Jen at Jam and Bread in Margate (a fantastic spot for brekky, lunch, cakes and hot chocolate), we decided to go to Providore for afternoon tea.  Although it was a warm 28 degrees in Hobart and not typical hot chocolate weather, I still ordered one.  The food in Providore looked great and I think I will head back for lunch one day.  They also had lovely gifts and preserves.  But their hot chocolate is not lovely by any stretch.  It is below my current low rating of truck stop.  At least truck stop quality has some flavour.  This had none.  To make sure I had not had my taste buds disappear since my lovely lunch, I asked Sam and Jen to have a sip and tell me what they thought (with it not being flu season, this seemed safe!).  After sharing the hot chocolate and hopefully no germs, they concurred that it was indeed a pathetic excuse for a hot chocolate and that I was being generous by calling it truck stop quality.  Again, what really got me was that Jen said the coffee was really good.  This annoys me no end.  I did not drink any after the second mouthful. That should be a hint.

When we returned home I had let it go, but Jen being a little researcher, had a squiz on their Facebook page where it says their hot chocolate is made with homemade ganache…OK.  Clearly they had ran out on Saturday…

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