An éclair found where?!

PNG Eclair deck
When I think of Papua New Guinea, visions of dense forests, beautiful water, tribal communities and heat spring to mind. Éclairs certainly do not! But they have a tendency to pop up in the oddest places…including Papua New Guinea! A friend of mine, Christine, and her family recently left Australia to live in Papua New Guinea, and she sent me this account of her surprise encounter with a Papua New Guinean éclair…

Since moving to Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea a month ago, I have come to realise that despite the idyllic surroundings, there are some things that are hard to come by. Like chocolate. And potato chips. And decent bread. And French pastries. And did I mention the horrifying lack of chocolate in this tropical paradise? But I digress…

Jason was out at a work dinner last night, and arrived home bearing a gift… not one, but three éclairs! It was certainly not what I would have expected to find on Lihir. I left my tasting until after lunch. My usual éclair companions were either at school or asleep, but I decided to go ahead regardless. Oh, who am I kidding. I had no intention of sharing!

They didn’t look too bad, and the top was covered in chocolate, rather than icing or glaze. Something I welcomed given my current chocolate “situation”. First bite revealed the pastry to be nice and light, however a little on the dry side. The cream patisserie was smooth, but distinctly custardy and bright, almost fluorescent, yellow. Obviously the chef had made good use of the “egg yellow” colouring available in the local supermarket. I finished the éclair while sitting on my deck taking in the view. It makes anything taste good!

It certainly wasn’t the best éclair I have ever eaten, but it wasn’t the worst either. Not a bad effort considering I was never expecting to write an éclair review in PNG!

Check out Christine’s adventures living on a tropical island at Our Life Is An Adventure
PNG eclair


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