A casual éclair


Scruffy tights, comfy jumper, converse sneakers and makeup free. That was me on Saturday. I had not planned to leave the house. It was exam study day. That was until I heard (or saw) the call of l’eclair. Such is the pull of an éclair, that no sooner than I read the post on Facebook (I follow random tea houses and cafés to monitor any word of éclairs), I was out the door and in the car. I arrived at Heavens Above (feeling like a second chance was in order), profusely apologised for what I called ‘my look’ and launched into a ramble about needing éclairs. The lady had the misfortune of having to tell me they were not ready yet. WHAAATTT? They were mentioned on Facebook so they must be ready. But no – the chocolate was yet to go on. So I ordered three and told them I would call back later.

I returned home and tried to study. Worried that I would suddenly become engrossed in my textbook (unlikely), I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to pick them up (I am 32!). A few hours later beep, beep beep and it was éclair time!

I toddled back up to Heavens Above, in the same attire since it seemed to be accepted the first time, and picked up the éclairs. And a turkish delight hot chocolate. Another second chance. So the éclairs were quite good. Whipped cream aside. The pastry was nice and the chocolate icing was pretty good too. I would have them again, but I think half an éclair next time would be sufficient – there was a lot of cream! And the hot chocolate? A big improvement on last time and very sweet. But pehaps not best consumed at the same time as the éclair.  Again, the cream!


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