Heavens Above alright

After escaping the house and experiencing that elated feeling that comes from seeing the back end of an assignment, I decided while I had time, I would finally visit Heavens Above Tearoom in Margate. Located in an old church and complete with graveyard out the front, I walked in waiting for that creepy church smell that seems to be universal. Nothing. I could relax. In fact, it did not even look like a church inside. It is beautifully decorated in floral prints, cute tables and chairs and chandeliers.

The menu included an impressive selection of cakes, but I was only there for hot chocolate.  I found a nice table in the sun and waited for what I was hoping to be a fantastic hot chocolate.

Oh I really wanted to love it. To start with a positive (because I don’t seek disappointment), the froth was great. Nice and thick and yum. Then I got to the hot chocolate itself. It was a cup of nothing. No taste. No chocolate.  Nothing.  I stirred the bottom hoping this would help. Zippo. I possess an annoying amount of politeness which led me to drink half of this. Just so I didn’t seem rude. Where was some sort of divine intervention when I needed it?

I will return to Heavens Above. For the cakes but not more hot chocolate.


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