Jam Packed with fantastic frenchy frenchness

Jam Packed

Well it certainly hasn’t been a long time between drinks, but it has been a long time between éclairs. However, last week my éclair drought ended. In spectacular fashion. I had just completed my french lesson and was feeling all joie de vivre, when I decided one way to continue my current mood of frenchness would be to source an éclair.

Now, as loyal followers of this blog would know, Hobart is not the éclair centre of the universe. But I did recall a friend mentioning to me some time ago, that Jam Packed often have éclairs.  As luck would have it, my lessons are held next door. After a quick look around for parking inspectors (my ticket had expired), I dashed into Jam Packed for my éclair fix. Three of these heaven sent pastries were sitting front and centre of the display cabinet. It was meant to be. They are my raison d’être. With two of the éclairs (I am not greedy so I left one) and a vanilla slice safely packed away in a rather oversized carrier bag that did not scream ‘I am a massive pig’ at all, I headed home.

My patience was rewarded and there is a glimmer of hope for Hobart éclairs.  These were very good. Fantastic ganache and crème pâtissière,  even if they had slightly over cooked choux. Now to wait another week for my next french lesson…this close proximity could become a problem…and I wonder what their hot chocolates are like? Hmmmm…

Jam Packed 2

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