Purrfect hot chocolate at The Cat’s Tongue Chocolatiers


The Cat’s Tongue Chocolatiers…well the cat didn’t my tongue, and I am glad, because I cannot say enough about the hot chocolate they serve! This is a place to visit for REAL hot chocolate. And there are no marshmallows to be found – instead the cup is accompanied by a squishy chocolate and a strip of chocolate in case you need an extra hit. Hard core that I am, I threw in the lot! There is no point having a half attempt. This was a hot chocolate to rival Pollen…the right balance of bitter and sweet. Towards the end, it had a slight hit of something which to me tasted like liquor,  but was actually vanilla bean. And it is made from real chocolate – not powder – which the staff said is a dirty word there.  I would have to agree.

To just have a hot chocolate and not sample some of the sweet treats they had on offer would have been remiss of me, so I had a lemon tart (yum!) and Jenna tried the pumpkin pie.

But I suppose being located in Huonville and on a tourist route, they are bound to attract a few interesting characters. We had the (dis)pleasure of witnessing this first hand when a visitor asked for a ‘normal hot chocolate’. Say what? A normal hot chocolate? Who wants normal? Apparently this lady with no tastebuds. Why would you even bother? But it got better. Once the staff explained the hot chocolate mix was already made, she asked for soy milk…oh great, just kill it some more! Apparently, according to the visitor,  “Australians like strong hot chocolate”.  Damn straight sunshine! I am still trying to work this one out…

So head to Huonville, and try out The Cat’s Tongue.


Cat's Tongue Chocolatiers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


One comment on “Purrfect hot chocolate at The Cat’s Tongue Chocolatiers

  1. ginandterror says:

    Big fan of Cat’s Tongue- although I don’t think I have your chocolate stamina… I felt quite ill after a hot chocolate and 2 chocolate treats! In a good way of course.


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