Venture to Villino…

After a few cold leads for hot chocolate in Hobart recently, yesterday my spirits were lifted when I called in to Villino Espresso. It had popped up on a few Google searches for ‘good hot chocolate in Hobart’, but I have come to learn that Google is not always the best guide – nor are the people that post reviews (obviously I am the exception!).

I left the office to get some air, not really planning to go anywhere in particular, then I remembered Villino, so I headed in that direction (30 Criterion St). Sitting in the small and busy cafe all on my lonesome (hurry home Sam!), I had a good feeling about this hot chocolate, but as primarily a coffee establishment I harboured doubts. Yet the dark, godly looking drink (it’s holiness hinted at with a chocolate and sugar cross) was something to behold. I have a new favourite place to visit for my hot choccy fix. When Pollen is closed is course!

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