Great food? Check. Great coffee? Check. Great hot chocolate? Fail.

This week I have again been confused about the huge difference in quality between hot chocolate and coffee. Of the three hot chocolates I have consumed this week, only one has been great (Pollen Tea Room, which is in a class of its own).  The other two were truck stop quality at best, and were from two places that I love to visit for lunch. Although I am not a coffee drinker, I have it on good authority that both of these establishments make good coffee.  They just clearly do not care for hot chocolate. But I do!

The first mug of milkiness masquerading as hot chocolate was at the fantastic Red Velvet Lounge in Cygnet (please go there for their great lunches and amazing cakes – just avoid the hot chocolate). I really do love this place and after ordering pate and calamari, I probably didn’t need hot chocolate, so maybe it was my own fault and I should not have ordered it.  Anyway, the froth was great – it acted as a shelf for my marshmallows and filled half the cup (it turns out this was the best part and I am grateful there was so much of it!).  The hot chocolate was milk-on-milk.  Just not good.  Since everything else at Red Velvet is so damn good, I really had high hopes.   I asked my coffee drinking companions how the coffee was and it was great.  This did not help.  Why is there so much emphasis placed on how good an establishments coffee is (I get it that it is popular – far more than hot chocolate), but why do great coffee and then not care about hot chocolate?  I was told hot chocolate is lame – which I took great offence to – but this particular one was lame.  The best part was they forgot to charge me for it.  And I do not consider that stealing, because I was not sure what to call it to tell them it had been forgotten.  Hot chocolate it was not.

Beverage titled 'hot chocolate' from Red Velvet Lounge

Beverage titled ‘hot chocolate’ from Red Velvet Lounge

My Friday ray of sunshine was a stop at Pollen Tea Room who seem to excel at food, sweets, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. See?  It can be done.  I am not asking for miracles!  I just cannot describe how good their hot chocolates are – best to see for yourself.

Even takeaway Pollen hot chocolate is great

Even takeaway Pollen hot chocolate is great

Yesterday, after a lovely few hours in the city with my sister, we decided to stop at Kafe Kara and have a drink before we headed home. As a new spot on my hot chocolate crawl, I was keen to sample their version.  Similar to Red Velvet, Kafe Kara has great food and is a great spot for lunch (and it is always packed with people).  Their coffee is also good apparently, but again the hot chocolate was treated like a poor cousin.  Truck stop again, but moderately better than Red Velvet.  Another powered, milky mess with about as much excitement as drinking puddle water.

Kafe Kara (k)catastrophe

Kafe Kara (k)catastrophe

Hot chocolate aficionados need to unite and demand equal rights to coffee drinkers I think…there is no other way to sort this injustice!

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