Have cake, will travel


Mums – they are special that’s for sure.  I am not going to claim having the world’s best mum (no offence mum!), but it is quite an overused expression.  I just have my mum (and a dad of course who is equally special) and she is a goodin’.  Last Friday was my birthday and I was supposed to travel home with my sister to stay with my parents for the weekend.  Unfortunately, on Friday morning, my sister woke with a migraine that had been persistent for over 24-hours.  The road trip was off, which was fine – we would just have a quiet weekend at home instead. I sent mum a text to tell her we would not be visiting after all, and no less than an hour later she called me to tell me that she was about to pack up the car and my dog, and as soon as dad was home from work THEY were hitting to road to come to us.  This, I will say, is totally unlike my mum.  She is a planner and does not do things like this at the last minute.  For a few moments, I morphed into my mum and was the one worrying about what I would cook, where they would sleep, how it was all going to work.  Mum was the relaxed, ‘it will be fine, I have food with me and we will work it all out when we get there’ type.  I must say, this is more dad-like behaviour.

And yes, this post does have something to do with food.  I am getting there!

So then mum gets to the real reason for her enthusiasms (aside from seeing her two lovely daughters).  She had made her first successful sponge cake for my birthday, and HAD to bring it down so we could see it!  Bless her.  So about 8 hours later with food, my dog, bedding and dad in tow, she arrives bearing the fruits of her labour – the sponge cake.  And her perseverance had paid off.  It was a great sponge – and who can go past a freshly made sponge filled with jam and cream?  That’s right – no one. It is like scones on speed really. And made all the better from mum’s enthusiasm and proudness of finally conquering her nemesis. Now, for her to teach me since my last attempt was hard as a rock and complete with lumps of egg and flour…



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