In Mörk I trust…

20140906_102933Powdered hot chocolate.  I may have commented in the past that I am not a fan.  Actually, it is nearly up there with cream in éclairs. But after my recent visit to the Pollen Tea Room, and finding out that they use cacao powder in their amazing hot chocolate, I started to think maybe there are powders and powders.

Last week, I found myself on an expedition completely unrelated to hot chocolate.  I was in Norman & Dann and spotted a shelf with hot chocolate powders.  Norman & Dann, being a shop of all things lovely, I decided to have a look.  Most of the powders were cacao based and I chose one called Mörk Speciality Hot Chocolate.  I have a habit of relating cost to quality so I arrived at the conclusion that this one must be very good!

A week passed and the Mörk hot chocolate remained on my kitchen bench.  So today, as a reward for reaching 4000 steps before 10.30am, I decided to try it out.  Considering myself ‘hard core’, I had purchased the 85% Even Darker version, which states on the back label ‘if you are not shy of the darker side you will enjoy every mouthful’.  Well, that sounded like me!

So the process of making it was simple enough, all I needed was milk (Mörk actually recommend organic Tasmanian Milk – I used 2 Cow Tassie milk) and a small pot.  Easy.  Stepping while stirring (I am committed to this Stepember challenge and a devout multi-tasker!), the hot chocolate quickly came together. Once finished, I decided to head outside into the sunshine (more steps!), and soak up some vitamin D.  Following the obligatory photo shoot, it was time to taste the hot chocolate and hope like crazy that it was not just another powdered mess (especially since it was $20 250g!). 

The first sip was surprising.  I was expecting sweetness and that chocolate hit.  I can’t say I was robbed though, as it was replaced with a dry, bitter and sugarless liquid.  I have to admit, this took a few mouthfuls to get used to but then I thoroughly enjoyed the simpleness of this mix.  The powder did come with ideas for variations including using coconut milk, adding chilli and cardamom pods, but I wanted to try it in its purest form to start with and decide where to take it from there.  I think I will try adding a vanilla bean next time – just to add a bit of sweetness. 

One of the things that drew me to Mörk (apart from my price = quality logic), was the fact it is made in Melbourne.  If you are a glutard or dairy free, this is also a great option. And it has cute-as-a-button packaging (which might easily become my new pen holder…).  I think, just maybe, I could be a Mörk fan…

Give it a whirl.



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