Steptember is here! Time to move it, move it…to the furthest cafe!

Even though it feels like spring has been with us since May, winter has ended and we now look towards longer, warmer days. With winter gone, some bad habits need reigning in (or at least my behaviour needs to be modified to accommodate them!). These would include eating too much and not moving enough. I doubt I will ever be cured of the former, but I can do something about the latter. And after all the éclairs I have consumed this year and my recent influx of hot chocolates, some moving is required!

Recently, I moved house and now live in an area with street lights (this is a real treat since my previous neighbourhood had a serious lack of lighting!), so I have taken the opportunity to embark on some early morning walks – now that I can see where I am going. I have also started, with three co-workers, Steptember, which is aimed at getting us all to move more and try and exceed 10,000 steps a day. Working in an office means lots of time sitting on our bums, which in time will likely make them wider! I only started Steptember today (the pedometer was a few days late), but it has really made me think about finding opportunities to move. Having the pedometer attached to me is a constant reminder to get up and ‘collect’ more steps – it’s quite fun and rewarding. Steptember is also an opportunity to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, who help adults and children living with cerebral palsy across Australia. So I am moving more (good for me) and helping raise a few dollars (good for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance). I am not a big fan of asking people to donate their hard earned, however should you feel inclined, you can do so at Steptember

It would appear my blog subject matters of hot chocolate and éclairs have been good catalysts for an increase in physical activity. I suppose it is all about finding a balance – if I walk more I can therefore drink more hot chocolates (if we have a hot summer I might be in trouble). Maybe I will move onto iced chocolate…hmmmm.


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