Straight Up goodness…


Chocolate, gooey goodness...

Chocolate, gooey goodness…

Yesterday really was a special day. Aside from finding the dreamiest hot chocolate at Pollen Tea Room, I was also the recipient of a fantastic phone call early in the day. But first some background on how this all unfolded.

A month or so ago, my friends Sarah and Lisa, both made me aware of a new café that was soon to open in Hobart. They are both friends of the owner and she had posted pictures of éclairs as a teaser on the cafés Facebook page. Being a complete éclair tragic, I ‘liked’ the page and patiently waited for the café to open. Then last Sunday, low and behold, Straight Up Coffee + Food posted a picture on their Facebook page announcing they had éclairs! This coincided beautifully with an appointment I had in that area on Monday – I was so excited!

Monday came around and I called in to get my éclair – and they were sold out! I was devastated. I was having a bad day already and must have looked on the verge of a breakdown, so the lovely staff member (I wish I knew her name!) offered to take my phone number and call me when more were ready. Now that is service! I left feeling like the biggest éclair weirdo ever (although this probably should not have been the first time I have felt like that!), but very excited about when I might get my surprise call.

That call happened yesterday. Jess from Straight Up phoned me I asked her to hold me two éclairs. I had already committed to going to Pollen in the morning so I decided I could pick up the éclairs in the afternoon. Could the day get any better?! When I arrived at Straight Up, éclair weirdo me was instantly recognised, and I was so relieved when Jess told me the éclairs were filled with chocolate custard. I told her of huge amount of whipped cream filled éclairs in Hobart. Before I left the office, my ‘integrity police’ co-worker Ben, asked me if I would be critiquing these éclairs fairly since they were from the business of a friend-of-a friend. I admitted this was a dilemma, but when he mentioned that I had to maintain integrity (no mention of loyalty!), I knew I had to treat them like all other éclairs. Thanks Ben for keeping me honest

This post is getting long…

So to buffer myself against the chance of a bad éclair, I bought a hot chocolate as well. If the éclair failed, I could write about this. Good plan. But two hot chocolates in one day turned out to be a bit excessive. Lesson learnt! But I needn’t have worried. The hot chocolate was great and since I like mine quite strong, this was perfect. I waited until after dinner before trying the éclairs and they were lovely! As far as I know, these were the first gluten free éclairs I have tried, but I really could not tell the difference. The pastry was great and the chocolate filling was a nice change from whipped cream (I hope they never succumb to that!). They were also a great size for a snack, so I was not left feeling like a blimp afterwards.

So with great hot chocolate, even better éclairs and staff that are clearly committed to stand out customer service, I would highly recommend this new Hobart eatery. Now to go back for lunch…and more éclairs!


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