Pure perfection at Pollen

Pollen Tea Room

I seem to be experiencing something of a hot chocolate windfall.  Yesterday I was reunited with one of my favourite places to sip hot chocolate, Next Door, and today I decided to try a spot that has been proving elusive and is in my neighbourhood – Pollen Tea Room.  In what seems typical of small cafes and eateries in Battery Point, Pollen is not open every day.  Samantha and I learnt this a while ago when we found it closed, and our second visit proved a popular day with the tiny space packed to the brim. Since then it has been a matter of finding time.

Today I decided I would head out for a morning tea break, nice and early, to get a spot and finally try the hot chocolate (which have received great reviews but I was not sure how they would taste since they are made of cacao powder – sounded healthy).  At 10am, Pollen seemed to be full of regulars.  Everyone was greeted by their first name and in-depth conversations about tea and organic produce were taking place.  It was apparent the staff and owners care passionately about organic produce and high quality products.  And it was a cosy place to on a very chilly, but incredibly beautiful Hobart morning.  The urge to take photos hit me again, but again politeness took over and I decided not to intrude on the happy, tea sipping crowd’s morning.  I will save that for another day.  Although there was a guy in there with a long lens camera, snapping away, so maybe my phone and I would have blended in.

I took my place in the corner, and waited for my hot chocolate.  It arrived and there was no funky artwork in the froth, just a smattering of cocoa (which was probably cacao powder from its bitter taste – I am still learning about cacao powder, but I am liking it).  The combination of bitter and sweet flavours with a deep, but not rich, chocolate taste was amazing.  I feel slightly bad that Next Door’s reign as my number one hot chocolate in Hobart lasted only a day.  This was unlike any other hot chocolate I have ever tasted.  I am hooked.  I asked how they made it, and it is their own mix of cacao powder, sugar (I think), water and other things – I zoned out.  I really need the recipe but I think it is unlikely I will get it.  Perhaps if I become one of their regulars that they know by name I might have a chance of getting the exact mix…my life may then be complete!

Pollen Tea Room

56 Hampden Rd, Battery Point

* To fulfil my need to take photos, I did stop on my way back from Pollen Tea Room to capture Princes Park in winter, which really looks more like spring at the moment.  So beautiful.

Princes Park in winter

Princes Park in winter

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