A short walk to get to Next Door


Today I visited an old haunt. A place I used to visit daily when I worked across the road, and then became my café of choice when catching up with friends. It must be 12 months since my last visit – it’s a little out of my way now. But now having just typed that, I have realised my hairdresser is right alongside it, so I could go there more often. In fact, I will go there more often. At least every 5 weeks.

The place I am talking about is Next Door, and they make the best hot chocolate hands down in Hobart (note: I have not yet tried every café in Hobart but give me time!). Since I was pushed for time this morning, I could only grab a takeaway, so the opportunity for a beautiful picture was not really going to happen. The best I could do was take a picture of my takeaway container, which is lovely in it’s own way! This is real hot chocolate made from chocolate – not powder, or syrup or whatever other goop some places use. I could hear the chunks sloshing in the bottom. Yum!

What I love most about Next Door, hot chocolate aside, is that regardless of how long it’s been since my last visit, Mark (I am sure his name is Mark!), always remembers my order. It’s that type of small town service in what is arguably Hobart’s busiest café, that I really notice. Time does not seem to pass. The décor is also a reason I go back. Next Door’s interior is covered in doors of all shapes and sizes – I always seem to spot one that I had not noticed before. I wanted to take a photo of these doors this morning, but as the place was packed, I wondered if the other customers would appreciate by ‘blogger on a mission’ approach. So I found a picture courtesy of Urbanspoon to give you an idea.

Another reason I visit is that they have the funkiest old lolly machine and I desperately want it. It is never for sale. I have asked more times that I can remember. So I have to visit more frequently, on the off chance they sell it to me 🙂

Check out Next Door at 149 Collins Street, Hobart – but please don’t buy the lolly machine – that is mine!


Next Door (picture courtesy of Urbanspoon)

Next Door (picture courtesy of Urbanspoon)

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