Jam Jar: a cosy spot to hide this winter


Last week, I set out with Samantha on what could be considered a double mission: we were heading out of the office for my weekly French lesson and hot on the trail of a hot chocolate. As word has spread far and wide about my hot chocolate and éclair addiction, I have been receiving quite a few tips on places to try…

The Pollen Tea Room has been mentioned a few times, so Samantha and I thought that would be as good a place as any to kill two birds with one stone (I am sure she does feel like bringing a stone along to French lessons sometimes – to either hit me with or get more sense out of it – I am not quite sure which one). So, we set out for Pollen and were sadly met with a ‘closed’ sign. Apparently Wednesday’s are not a popular day so they close. Disenchanted with our normal haunts (too noisy/too sunny), we spotted Jam Jar across the street.

Upon finding that Jam Jar extends back quite a way, we found a cosy spot to sit (although not the best light for French, but any excuse for my poor reading never goes astray!), and braced ourselves for the hot chocolate. It was lovely – not great – but the wood fire, cosy chairs and dim lightly certainly added some ambience which I think added to the hot chocolate – in a weird, hard to connect way. I think I will go back again for the bento box, which is great, but perhaps not a stop for hot chocolate alone.

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