First impressions can be misleading…so it would seem

2014-07-12 15.31.38
After possibly hitting my limit of whipped cream filled éclairs over the last short while, I have focused my energy and calorie consumption firmly back on hot chocolate (I am not forgetting éclairs, but I am worried I will start enjoying these imposters that fill Hobart if I continue eating them!).

However, great hot chocolates are providing nearly as elusive as good (or even edible) éclairs.

I received a tip off about North Hobart’s Raincheck Lounge by my colleague, Ben, who raved them up. Ben, who I would not have guessed was a hot chocolate man, was quite insistent that the Raincheck hot chocolate was worth a try. As luck would have it, an upcoming dinner had been scheduled at Raincheck. Poor Ben was heading along to this dinner so there was no pressure on him AT ALL if this hot chocolate turned out to be nasty.

After eating dinner, then ordering dessert (pannacotta), I had momentarily forgotten the hot chocolate. But once I was reminded, I ordered one, worrying how that hot milk would interact with my already pannacotta filled belly. Even if I up feeling quite ‘uncomfortable’, I was willing to take that risk.

The hot chocolate arrived. And I was disappointed. I have never seen a whiter hot chocolate in my life. I gave Ben the ‘what is this supposed to be’ look. I could see the pieces of chocolate sitting at the sides but there hardly looked enough to save this milky concoction. Encouraged to stir and drink, I mixed up the chocolate and the drink instantly turned dark and much to my surprise was quite strong. It did not have an overbearing chocolate taste, more of a malt flavoring. The best part was the heavy (it could hold a marshmallow without it sinking) froth. I love the froth! I could order a whole cup of the stuff sometimes. In summary, a very good hot chocolate that has a hard to pin point taste.

I will seek more recommendations from Ben if he has anymore up his sleeve…

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2 comments on “First impressions can be misleading…so it would seem

  1. Ben says:

    I have heard Hadley’s Hotel does a good one H….


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